Turkish American Association for Business (TAAB) is a non-profit organization primarily composed of Turkish / American professionals and businesspeople located in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.


TAAB’s mission is as follows:

  1. Promote goodwill and expand awareness between Turkish/American businesspeople and professionals
  2. Network within its membership and outside the organization to exchange business ideas and promote new personal and business relationships
  3. Provide a database of contacts and information for those Turkish/American businesspeople and professionals residing in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area
  4. Create or maintain awareness of relevant business issues, employment and other business opportunities
  5. When approved by the Board, support business related activities organized by other business organizations or entities


Membership Qualification Requirements:

  • Sponsored by at least one current member of TAAB
  • Business owner or professional with 2+ years full time business experience
  • Desire to participate in the organization’s activities and promote the stated mission of the organization
  • Approved by at least two of the three Managing Directors, or by a simple majority of the Board
  • It is desirable that members have a valid e-mail address and access to the internet

Membership Application:

Applications are to be transmitted via e-mail from a current member to any Board Member. The application will then be posted to TAAB-Board@yahoogroups.com. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for all Board members to review. The e-mail should explain the length of time the recommending member has known the prospect and the reason or reasons why they are making the recommendation. The prospective member’s basic information should be included with the application, including his or her name, company, title, industry, business telephone number, e-mail address, university, degree(s), number of years of business experience and number of years residing in the Houston area. This information will be listed in “TAAB Membership List” and provided to all current members of TAAB.

Membership Restrictions:

No person may be allowed to join TAAB’s membership if, after thorough review of the application, the Board finds the applicant’s personal intentions to be in direct conflict with TAAB’s stated mission. Further, the Board may remove, at its sole discretion, any Member from the organization whose demonstrated activities directly conflict with the stated mission of the organization or the federal, state or local laws of the United States of America or Turkey. All applications for new membership should be reviewed individually and considered on the basis of the specific merits of the applicant.

Membership Levels:

1. General Members:
A General Member is the first level of entry into TAAB. General Members enjoy all the rights and benefits available to all members of TAAB. They do not serve in leadership capacities within the organization, but are encouraged to participate in the organization’s activities and contribute in any way that they can.

2. Elite Members:
General Members may be promoted to Elite Member status based on the merits of their activities and contributions to the organization. The Board may promote Members to Elite Member status by simple majority approval. Only Elite Members are eligible to be elected as new members of the Board, and may serve on the Board starting the calendar year following the year they are elected. Should their level of activity or contribution diminish significantly after reaching Elite Member status, the Board may elect, at its sole discretion, to remove an Elite Member’s status in the organization.

3. Honorary Members:
The Board may nominate and approve distinguished businesspeople or other outstanding professionals as honorary members of the organization. Honorary Members are not required to comply with the activity or contribution requirements set forth for all other members of the organization.

A maximum of 20 Board seats are created and a minimum of 10 seats are required to be filled each year. Board Members are elected for 2-year terms, but a maximum of 8 Board Member seats will be up for election every year. These elections are to be held each May, and the following year’s Board membership is to be confirmed by August 15th each year. These requirements are designed to ensure continuity of management of TAAB’s ongoing mission and activities, while encouraging broad participation and the continual generation of fresh ideas.

Organizational Structure:

The Board will elect one Managing Director and two Co-Directors for one-year terms of service. The Managing Director will serve as Chairman of the Board, and the Co-Directors will serve in this capacity in his or her absence. The Board may also elect at any time one or more Honorary Chairperson(s) for any period of time deemed appropriate by the then Board members at their sole discretion.

Responsibilities of the Honorary Chairperson:

Honorary Chairperson (“HC”) has the responsibility to be the spokesperson of the organization as well as the point person of contact for continued business relationships of TAAB over the years. HC also has the responsibility of coaching, supporting and providing guidance and networking opportunities to the Board and the Management of TAAB.

Responsibilities of Managing Director and Co-Directors:

The Directors of the Board have responsibility to coordinate and manage all administrative functions of the organization. Such activities include steering the current year’s goals for the organization, directing the Board’s activities, coordinating and approving all external communications, maintaining the organization’s website, and managing the organization’s legal matters and treasury function. The Director’s will be allowed to write checks from TAAB’s account with at least 2 Board members signature.

Responsibilities of Board Members:

Each Board Member is to be assigned certain members as their “portfolio” of members. Each Board member is responsible for the activities, contribution and/or attendance of his or her assigned members. Board Members will act as team leaders for individual organizational projects and each Board Member should participate in at least one formal activity each year. Board members may be called upon to contribute monetarily to or to raise funds on behalf of the organization from time to time. Board Members will recommend and approve prospective new Board members.

Additionally, the Board and its Directors have the responsibility and obligation to insure that the mission and activities of TAAB remain in accordance with the official By Laws of TAAB, as may be amended from time to time. The Board by ¾ majority approval has the authority to change these By Laws. The Board by simple majority may approve all other decisions. In the case of a tie vote, the Managing Director has the authority to cast the deciding vote. The quorum necessary for attendance at any official Board meeting is a minimum of 8 Board members will represent a quorum.

Rights, Obligations and Authorities of all Board Members:

Any and all Board members (including elected Management) must obtain a majority vote of the Board, duly represented by specific quorum requirements specified herein, to be authorized to engage TAAB and any of its members (including Board and Management) to any commitment or promise of any kind.

Subsidiary Divisions:

Upon the Board’s approval, TAAB may form subsidiary divisions for particular industry or professional groups. Such divisions should have appropriate organizational structure and hold meetings at least four times per year, and should report the results of their activities to the Board. A division may name itself differently than TAAB, but must note on all external communications that it is a “Division of TAAB”. The Board of TAAB requires that they be allowed to approve the adoption of all members of such divisions upon formal recommendation and approval of the division’s Board.

Activity Year:

Activity Year begins August 1st and ends May 31st of the following year. The organization’s activities will generally be restricted to school periods; i.e. August – May, with breaks in late December and during the summer months.

The target is to sponsor up to 6 official organization functions per year, plus optional Summer and Winter social functions.

Organizational Activities and Examples:

Any TAAB member may suggest an activity or function for the Board’s consideration. Activities or functions will be discussed and may be accepted by majority approval of the Board.

Teams of at least 3 volunteers should organize all activities or special functions, and such teams should have an Elite Member as its team leader. Teams and other special committees should meet regularly enough to maintain the progress of their respective missions and to promote interaction and idea sharing between the members of the group. Each team should report the status and results of its activities to the Board on a timely basis.

Examples of activities or special functions include:

  • Business breakfasts or lunches with guest speakers
  • Organization of or assistance with organizing business delegations
  • Developing TAAB or related organization web site content, e-groups, web site links, etc.
  • Researching and communicating laws or procedures relating to doing business between Turkey and the United States, including import/export laws and procedures, etc.
  • Recruiting activities for increasing TAAB’s direct membership
  • Developing TAAB’s relationships with like-minded third party organizations

Representations, Warranties and Liability:

None of the members’ statements or activities will be commitment, representation, or warranty of the association. All members are explicitly precluded from making any representations about products or services of any companies or individuals that may imply any warranty.