Celebrating 13th Year!

Turkish American Association for Business (TAAB) is proud to serve Turkish & American Business Community since 2002, dedicated to pursuing the interests of Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey in Houston and beyond.

TAAB is a non-profit organization composed primarily of Turkish/American professional and business people located in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. TAAB’s membership is comprised of professionals in diverse fields ranging from engineering (30%), financial and banking (15%), legal (11%) and medical fields (6%), business owners (18%) to managers and executive directors (12%).

Communicate > Cultivate > Connect

TAAB in 2015

As part of our goals, Turkish American Association for Business strives to Communicate with local businesses which are owned by or work with Turkish-speaking business people. TAAB events create great opportunities to educate members on business advantages in the Houston metropolitan area and connect people in the same course of business.

Turkish American Association for Business makes an effort to Cultivate and preserve business relationship between those who successfully developed strong ties with one of the powerful emerging economies of the world, Turkey, and those who are planning to extend their influence in that region or continue to build bridges of understanding and friendship.

Turkish American Association for Business is also aiming to Connect local employers with a powerful workforce represented by the Turkish-speaking community in the state of Texas. We have started 2015 with a strong commitment to deliver as much as possible to our membership base in the form of extended communication with other business organizations and chambers. We have established strong working relations with many business organizations in the Houston metropolitan area. TAAB organized numerous events in close collaboration with The French American Chamber of Commerce Houston (FACC), The Italy American Chamber of Commerce of Texas (IACC), The Netherlands Texas Business Association (NTBA), and others. We are here to help you find reliable business partners, build upon strong intercultural connections, promote your business and expand your influence in the Houston metropolitan area.

Communicate > Cultivate > Connect

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